Create, store and manage course content effectively with course management system

An eLearning platform is greatly used for authoring, managing and delivering eLearning courses or training programs.

An online course management is an integral part of eLearning and that’s exactly where BlezGo plays an integral part to help you! Go, gather and grab online teaching with BlezGo online course management system that gives you everything you need to author and manage online learning courses.

simple and easy usage

Simple and easy usage

Easy to set up, arrange, launch and manage.

integrated storage solution

Integrated storage solution

Already integrated cloud storage for 365/24/7 access and scalable storage space.

availability of course

Availability of all course types

Author courses of all types and enrich them with multimedia content.

allot roles and authorizations

Allot roles and authorizations

Assign roles to participants and decide who can view or download your content.

upload and rationalize

Upload and rationalize

Upload and pour out securely with safe access protocols.

monitor and weigh up

Monitor and weigh up

Get perceptive class analytics to assess the performance of your learners.

Control and manage your course content smoothly

Online Course Management System software provides an exclusive online edge where educators and training professionals can upload, manage and deal with their eLearning content among learners who can access it. In general, there is a huge variation between cloud based learning management system and course management system. While LMS takes care of uninterrupted needs of online learning like content upload, delivery management, whereas a CMS acts as a secure place to accumulate, save and manage your eLearning content. It could be considered as a division of best eLearning system that ensures your content is stocked up safely and accessed without difficulty. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that BlezGo online course management system offers:

  • Keeps online course content at one place for ease of access

  • Saves lots of time and extra expenditure spent in course content storage space with our cloud-based CMS

  • Put together your content in your website, share it on your social network channels and select people to see your course content

  • Upgrade storage space as the size of your class amplifies

  • Segregate your course into learning stuff and reprocess the appropriate ones in multiple courses

  • Offer time flexibility to your learners and trainees with accumulated courses

Ensure working in your online course management system well

Course management software is really vital to endorse the success of your online classes. Although you should select the one which is apt for the type, of course, you are running together with all the essential features. Have you ever thought what should one do prior to making the course selection?

Never mind, here are the steps you can follow to make a well-versed choice:

  • Research: Approach industry subject matter experts, read full reviews, user views, suggestions and write down your requirements and expectations

  • Be aware of necessities: Consider factors like cost restraints, size of your class, technical proficiency of your audience, course requirements and the key features you need

  • Future prospective: Be cautious about the future needs as well as if when the volume of your class increases. So opt accordingly!

Features you should seek when evaluating course management systems

After getting a sense of what you need, check the options available, along with running them against what you require and make your choice. While course management systems differ in their offerings and features, there are some customary prerequisites you ought to be looking in an LMS such as:

  • Quick and easy upload

  • Scalable storage space

  • Mobile accessibility

  • Multi-media uploading

  • File format compatibility

  • Multilingual support

  • Tracking, reporting and assessment

How to build an effective online course management system?

Online course creation has been break up in few simpler steps with BlezGo course creation software that makes the tedious course creation process very interesting. What else you need? It’s easier than ever now to author courses and handle them online with our extensive wide-ranging features and functionality.

The most important benefits that make CMS simpler and most advantageous are:

Easy and convenient uploading

Easy and convenient uploading

Jump into the online Course Management System and you will find out lot many favorable benefits such as easy and quick managing, appropriate and convenient content uploading etc.

Authoring and managing courses

Authoring and managing courses

A complete responsive best eLearning platform that has successful authoring tools especially designed to create online courses and training programs. With BlezGo CMS, it’s easy to author and manage all your online courses. You can even sell created courses.

No storage space glitches

No storage space glitches

The platform has huge storage space where users can upload and save the files, documents, images in content library. Since its SaaS cloud-based platform which has enough space for storing your content data. You don't have to waste a single second ensuring its smooth process that’s totally without technical glitches.

Adequate security measures

Adequate security measures

BlezGo Course Management System software provides complete protected content since the https secured streaming safeguards your entire course content data from being distorted and leaked.

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