BlezGo Learning Management System Features

Simple and Powerful features


Package and personalize your content as a stunning online course

Create Beautiful Portal

In just 5 minutes- complete system can be configured beautifully and start delivering education and training

True White Labeled

Only your branding reflects everywhere in the platform like logos, images, custom URLs, etc.

Own Master Database

Only your business focused data will remain in the system- so you can prepare what subjects, categories, levels you teach

Public Page Setups

Public pages like login, register, marketplace etc will be configured with different layouts and with different color schemes

Custom Policies

You can define your user terms, the privacy policy for your customers.

Custom Header

Just reconstruct your header with your custom links, menus

Feedback System

Learners will have the complete flexibility to find a tutor of their choice and requirement on the platform.

Tutor Rating Algorithm

Decide how the tutor ratings will be calculated by changing its algorithm.

Search Algorithm

In what order your tutors will be listed to learners like preferred tutors list with an order can be different for USA learner and for an Indian learner.

Custom Email SMTP Server

Deliver email from your own email server securely like from your custom domain, mailgun, sendgrid, etc.

Every Email can be Customize

150+ can be customized with your personal content, and with instant on and off if not required

On Click On Off Features

Just on your mouse click - the feature can be on and off instantly.

Custom Forms

Form with your custom input fields can be created and then link to various flows like becoming tutor, course apply

Manage Redirection

You can control and manage your user's landing like after registration or login.

Learning Tools

Enhance the learning experience and build an engaged student community

Self-paced & Live Courses

Create and sell beautiful courses in minutes. Self-paced & Live courses can be created.

Group Classes

Sell your expertise on topics at a low price to many users in the form of single & multiple online classes.

One on One Tutoring

Complete freedom to learner to learn on their terms anywhere, anytime.

Tests & Quizzes

Easily create a quiz with our native feature to reinforce learning, summarize essential information, and check in on your students’ progress.

Student Feedback

Customize your feedback with your custom questions and know about the quality of tutor, classes and lessons.

Tutor Feedback

Get feedback with your custom questions to know about your platform and overall experience he/she just had.

Support Integrations

Allows you to interact with external applications on just one click like facebook login, google login and analytics, segment, intercom and many more.

Smart Controls

Availability of smart control for better user experience

Batches Single & Multiple

You can create and publish your live course schedule instantly. You can assign you course schedules to many teachers and can set teacher's revenues on it.

Upload and review your bulk uploads

Like invite, register, schedules can be done by csv uploads. You can review before actually processing.

Find your history

Easy find and see- what you did earlier and when, like you searched earlier for algebra course and commented on some course

Invite & Enroll Smartly

Invite for your courses and classes instantly with instant filter and option available with payment or without payment, with coupon or with coupon

Content availability

Upload all most any type of content in your content library. Your content library is available and accessible where ever you need.


Leverage a wide variety of built-in marketing tools to grow your business

Smart Coupons

Increase your sales by creating discounted coupons like flat dollars or percentage from price would be off.

Promotional Bar

Add a promotional bar to your website to increase your sales by showing about your offer and discount.

Email Campaign

Create a dynamic subscriber's list and attach your custom create email and set time when to send like daily, weekly, etc.

Trigger your custom email

Create your custom email and link with more than 150+ actions. An email will be delivered on action happened.

Share Invoice

Let's allow the learner to pay someone on their behalf- Learner can ask father or friend to pay for him

Multiple Payment Gateways

Allow learners to select the option from many gateways to buy lesson, class or course

Internal App Wallet

Learners can load their app wallet and can spend later. In case of a refund -amount can be refunded in the wallet.

Teacher Payouts

Set your tutor price, your organization commission and when to pay. The system will let you know how much need to paid and how. Payouts can be manual and automate with paymentrails API

Refund Settlements

You can set refund terms and condition- Learners can raise their concern to get their paid amount refund.


Get instant insights into your school with built-in reporting tools

Activities in your school

See all activities of your school or academy. Like who initiated the payment, who completed, who failed or canceled, who logged in, who created scheduled, who enrolled etc

Transaction data

How many initiated, failed and completed along with what payment gateways.

Know about your space utilization

You can see how much space reserved by your videos, pdf, and documents.

Trends on your school

Users login, signup trend, and frequency on your school.

Revenue- money in & out

You can see how much revenues are coming from where and when.

Hosting & Security

Get a team of experts looking out for your school

Seamless Hosting

BlezGo hosts your content for you and backs up your site and student data so you don’t have to worry about it.

Data Ownership

Own and control all of the content and student data from your BlezGo schools and courses.

24 x 7 Support

We work around the clock to fix issues as they arise and make sure your virtual school doors stay open.

Instant Upgrades

Automatically receive the latest features immediately, without having to manually update.

SSL Certificate

A 2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students' information secure during login and checkout.

Secure Payment Data

We only work with payment providers that are PCI level-1 compliant, so your and your users’ data is safe and secure.

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