Master Learner’s Demands With Most Trending Distance Education Learning Program

With the help of distance learning software, you can create and build huge course data to enroll learners from diverse locations!

A distance education program is the perfect best online distance learning medium for delivering education to learners located across geographies. It’s not really about to start from scratch but to think resourcefully about how learning content is to be designed and delivered in distance learning programs.

Here is the wider approach that many distance learning provider companies feel to take up like how the vast course curriculum content that has to be delivered.

Multi-functionality platform

Simply create infinite courses

Create, launch and handle unlimited synchronous and asynchronous courses without any effort that come under online distance learning. These can be kept as public courses or private courses.

Strong reporting & tracking

Accommodate huge user-base

The software supports boundless learners on the platform, making it easy for you to manage and handle a large user base data easily.

Guidance to use proper keywords

Easy course fee collection

Fee payment collection for online courses using debit/ credit cards or other e-wallets from the integrated payment gateways is extremely easy and manageable.

Precise course title and curriculum

Automate announcement criteria

The platform has unique approach to keep users notified through multiple types of reminders, learner presence monitoring, email notifications, and test assessment results.

Individual reports of courses

Evaluate learner performance

Analyze through test assessment to learners and access automated reporting structure to get core insights about learner performance.

Individual reports of courses

Awarding valid digital certifications

After successful completion of the course, learners can easily download e-certificates that are genuine and valid all over.

Boundless well-resourced benefits linked with online distance education program

Get the realistic familiarity to lead exclusive distance learning software!

As the general saying goes like- ‘Distance is no longer an obstacle’ and this fits perfectly sagged in an inclusive learning experience with distance education software. More or less, with the introduction of distance learning program, this has quantifiably reduced the traditional classroom campus load. on the other hand, it allows you to offer connected yet reasonable educational system to remote learners.

The following features represent the most comprehensive distance learning platform to create a holistic learning background for learners who wants to study along with their job or household lives.

It’s extremely valuable in terms of:

  • Cutting down the extra time and effort consumption

  • Learners gain viable competitive advantage

  • Allows to set own study pace

  • No need to trouble work program

  • Obtain a degree that’s valid worldwide

  • No study material hindrances

  • Adequately balance out home-work-life schedule

  • Learners and instructors feedback updates via live session

Boost up scope to make distance learning a worldwide opportunity

Taking your online distance education program to next ‘smart-level’ is the goal to bring out concrete benefits.

BlezGo’s smart distance education program provides exclusive learning opportunity to university, colleges and other academic institutes with the simplest, greatest and fastest, plus affordable way to go online. The purpose is to instruct learners to deal through the particular class associated characteristics with modern distance education program both in the traditional teaching setting in addition to the corporate training sector.

Course market behavioral

Easily develop distance learning program

Equipped with all necessary distance learning tools, we wholly helps you move online with the least setup time for your class, minimal infrastructure cost involved and without other learning related issues.

Report on course performance

Two-way learning to distant learners

Extract the ‘distance’ word from online distance learning software and let learner’s feel more interconnected with this smart educational program. You can conduct discussion forums, webinars, opinions & survey polls, and expert speaks on the same platform to give distant learners an added opportunity to connect with other users.

Complete insights and analytics

Handle learner reports efficiently

BlezGo helps you handle, manage and control your learners’ drive starting from one place to other. Automate learners’ class attendance and performance data report information is stored on the platform which you can access anytime.

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