What is Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) platform is software that eases the complexity of online education delivery process, and size of an organization’s corporate eLearning programs. A good number of learning management systems is cloud-based software that provides eLearning solutions and companies also utilize it as their essential tool for running their corporate training programs.

Perhaps, the primary functionality of learning management systems is to maintain learning platforms where learners and instructors can connect, teach and learn. Habitually, LMSs are used as a primary means to deliver formal education. For example, an LMS makes it simple who wants to purse online learning, enroll in online courses, can plan the time schedule as per their convenience.

On the other hand, online learning platforms like BlezGo rise above fundamental LMS functionality by slot in premium learning features that permit users collaborate online with instructors & peers, can ask questions during ongoing class, learn through live one-to-one tutoring or can opt self-paced training where learner can learn at their own pace and schedule.

LMS adoption has been mainly on the forefront in the past several years all around the world and it targets:

  • Companies of all sizes, ranging from large corporations, enterprises to small and medium industries.

  • Organizations including public & private, government sector, corporates etc.

  • Conventional educational institutes – could be schools, universities, colleges

  • Online school academies and eLearning based educational institutions

Advantages and Benefits of an LMS

There are a huge number of benefits and advantages associated by implementing an LMS, and these benefits applies both to businesses and their learners as well.

Benefits to Businesses-

  • Reduce day-to-day development expenditure

  • Save training & on boarding time for employees, partners or clients

  • Accommodate numerous learning spectators at single time

  • Run and manage eLearning courses

  • Maintain in-line training compliance

  • Track learner’s progress and results

  • Train partners and resellers to advance their skill to sell

  • Measure how learning impacts organizational performance

Benefits to Instructors-

  • Becoming a qualified instructor

  • Worldwide presence and recognition

  • Create and sell the courses

  • Revenue generation by selling courses

Benefits to Learners-

  • Improved knowledge retention

  • Stay above mandatory training and learning

  • Engage with formal and informal best learning practices

  • Flexible class scheduling at own convenience

  • Learn with self-set pace and time

  • Exclusive in-class features

  • Live one-to-one class session

  • Acquire skills and information required

  • Improved performance and analysis reporting

  • Easy installment payment option

Who can use Learning Management System?

Small to mid-sized organizations, big Corporates, Enterprises, or individuals who want to teach or train online. Anyone who is dealing in eLearning must be using an LMS software ― and that comprises a whole lot beyond just a traditional educational foundation. LMSs are used worldwide in diverse industries for a variety of reasons – for teaching, learning and training.