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An LMS that creates stunning reports and provide deep analysis of your data!

Every organization be it an Enterprise, an Academy or even an Online Course selling company, produces huge amount of data day by day. Therefore, it is vital to understand those data reports and analytic structure so that a right judgment can be taken by every user be it the learner, instructor or even the administrator.

Fast Access to Learning Insights

Fast Access to e-Learning Insights

It offers deep eLearning insights into how effective your training approach is, and how well your stratagem meets your ending goals.

Complete Secure Access

Complete Secure Access

This is another most significant aspect in Cloud-based analytic tools that all your data is on cloud to ensure supreme security. Get complete and secured access to all your LMS data reports and analytics with BlezGo.

Important Visualizations and Reports

Important Visualizations with Reports & Analytic Solution

Quick stunning reports and dashboard creator that embeds visualizations directly in your LMS. Automate deliverance to users with the click of a key button.

Embedding and Sharing Reports

Embedding & Sharing Reports Proficiently

Our cloud-based LMS solution allows you to modernize your entire data inevitably along with embedded and report sharing within few minutes.

Built for All Compliant Systems

Built for All Compliant Systems

The all-in-one compliance management system platform built helps you bring a complete compliance and uniformity in the LMS.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

Integrate your LMS with commanding positions that has powerful role-based control to help streamline & automate your workflows.

There are various levels of data reports and analytic solution that you can generate; but some of the top aspects are listed below:

  • Site and course level

  • Produce course analytic reports for tracking progress

  • Reporting activity levels within a course

  • Merging at user level

  • Unique testing capabilities

  • Produce reports to measure learning efficiency

  • For a particular user of a particular course

  • For a particular course with all users

A report and analytic solution that helps to take effective decisions

You can schedule a report to run daily, weekly or monthly. What makes BlezGo’s Reports and Analytics solutions work so effectively? With that in mind, scheduled data reporting system actually draw user attention and focus more on other major functionalities.

Improve Instructor Effectiveness

Improve Instructor Effectiveness

By tracking learner performance and progress, instructors can evaluate their areas of improvement and increase the efficiency of their pedagogy.

 Improve Learner Outcome and Preservation

Improve Learner Outcome and Preservation

With the understanding of learner performance achieved via BlezGo’s analytic tools, instructors can infringe if required to help learners for ensuring success.

 Increase ROI of Course

Increase ROI of your Course and eLearning Content

It enables you to focus more on content usage and course analytics consumption as to lift up ROI. By considering what works best and what does not, you can make relevant changes to perk up overall course quality.

 Learn from Your Statistics

Learn from Your Statistics with Reports and Analytic Solution

BlezGo analytic tools help you track user advancement status of all the users within your group or site. This also generates progress information at the individual, grouping, or site level for an individual course, occurrence, or learning resource across all learning auditory modalities.

 Progress and Completion History

Progress and Completion History

You can search for users based on progress and completion record, and take necessary action on the search results. You can filter, sort, or expand your entire data anytime.

Scheduling of Reports

Scheduling of Reports

With BlezGo reports & analytic solution- scheduling, distributing and sharing reports have been made quite easy. You can schedule a report daily, weekly, or on monthly basis to be shared with learners, instructors or other administrators (if any).

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