Platform to Deliver One On One Tutoring

Ideal model to create business like,,

one-on-one-tutoring with blezgo

Build your one on one tutoring in 3 steps

Select tutor

Search & select your tutor

Search tutor of your interest, watch an introductory video, see ratings and reviews from other learners.
Book lesson

Book your lesson

Check tutor availability, pick available day, and choose when to take your lesson.
Meet tutor in virtual classroom

Meet your tutor

Connect and meet your tutor via the online virtual classroom with audio-video, whiteboard and let the learning begin!

One on one tutoring is not the same for everyone

Customize your business working algorithm

Sell Pre Created Lessons

Allow instructors to create lessons in their subject's expertise with duration like Algebra Introduction 30min(s) at $40, Algebra Introduction 60min(s) at $70
Work on Instructor Price

Allow instructor or set for instructor the price per hour for teaching
Work on Organization Price

Set price per hour for your organization and allow all instructor or experts to teach on this price

Handle values at the micro-level for your teaching business

Taking care of every small significant parameter which is required to run business

Refund Conditions
Set conditions when a learner can raise a request for a refund.
Learner Cancellation
A learner can cancel a lesson before x time from start time.
Allow Free/Paid Trial
Let's allow learners to book free or paid trials with a tutor.
Back to Back Booking
Avoid consecutive sessions at tutor end for comfort
Lead or Confirm
Get request from learners as a lead or a confirm booking.
Limit Learners
Avoid learner to miss use platform by booking trail all the time.
Auto / Manual Rating
Lets system calculates profile ratings or admin can set.
Cancel / Postpone
Such request to handle emergencies at last movement.
Payment Dispute
Raise dispute & start a conversation, and mark finally closed or refund.

Keep and maintain the reputation of your platform

Verify profile data and control the access of editing

Tutor / Expert Profile
Every profile has an important role in one on one tutoring. So the content on profile should be relevant and error-free.
Manage tutor profile by admin
Tutors profiles can be controlled by admin. Admin completely handles and manages the profile of tutors.
Restrict tutors to edit their profile
You can allow or disallow tutors to edit their profiles. Or allow or disallow certain parts of the profile to edit.
Block tutor profile
Any tutor profile can be blocked by admin temporarily or permanently
Tutor in search can be on or off
Any tutor profile can be temporarily disabled and enabled from the search
Tutor can access
Tutor can do

Receive and manage feedbacks, ratings of your instructors

Mange questions for feedback time to time and set the way how ratings to be done

Manage tutor rating
Tutor feedback
Direct rating to instructor
A direct rating from the user can be taken on just after the lesson done.
Reviews and its distribution
How many reviews with rating 5, with rating 4, etc can be seen and manage.
Lesson cancellation rate
Instructor can not cancel lessons always as it affects ratings and how much affect it can be defined.
Instructor response rate
In how much time the instructor respond to user message or request.
Lesson missed rate
Instructor lesson missed rate will be maintained and its contribution can be defined for rating
Instructor in search is on or off
Any instructor profile can be on and off from search at any point of time.

Manage your tutors or experts earnings

Set and configure terms for tutors earnings

Tutors or experts payouts
Lets application calculates the earnings of tutors or experts
Set commission on instructor payout
Set your organization custom commission on tutors earning
Set instructor payout on rate
Set base values of tutors earning like - on what rate they will earn. Like on a fixed salary, organization rate, instructor price or any custom rate
Set instructor payout when to release
Gives you huge options when to release your tutors earnings like monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily
Make payouts to your instructors
Decide how payouts will be happened like manually or automatically with payment rail API
Tutor payouts
Tutor payouts

Tutor marketplace page where tutors searched and listed

You can decide complete look of page even with what should be there

Tutor marketplace layout
Tutor marketplace page layout
Select and set the layout of the page where all tutors or experts will be displayed
Instructor profile in search
How a tutor's profile will be displayed in search.
Individual instructor profile
Select and set the look of tutor's profile from many available in the application
Filter for profiles
Create and enable the filter for your user to narrow down their tutors' search result

Build your self-branded one on one tutoring platform

Set and configure terms for your tutors' earnings

Integrate Blezgo LMS with your existing website or create a complete end to end teaching website with BlezGo LMS and starts delivering self-paced courses, instructor-led courses, open live classes, online tuitions, one on one tutoring in just one solution
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Not just lessons, always offer more to your learners

No transaction or commission fee, collect complete payments directly in your bank account

24 x 7 Support- Dedicated Account manager, We work around the clock to fix issues as they arise and make sure your virtual school doors stay open.

True white-labeled solution

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