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BlezGo offers an amazing learning experience that benefits learners, employees, businesses, colleges and enterprises across the globe.

Create all your corporate learning and teaching strategies to bring them into action with BlezGo’s uniquely tailor-made online learning management system. Drive steady teaching methods for your learners in synchronous, asynchronous or blended learning formats. Keeping all loopholes filled with its bespoke learning approach, we are committed to bring in the best learning experience for its users.

quick implementation

Quick Implementation

You can go online within minutes with fully integrated and quick to implement BlezGo LMS. No extra plug-ins required.

course content management

Course Content Management

Upload and organize all types of course learning material on cloud library. You just need to plug-and-play from anywhere anytime to go through the quick overview of past sessions.

safe video streaming

Safe Video Streaming

Either delivers live or recorded videos with back-to-back encryption and URLs. It has permission-based right to use for entire content.

effective monitoring

Effective Monitoring

Time-to-time automate attendance monitoring and performance reporting of learners.

mobile learning

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning or ‘m-learning’ provide learners an ease to learn from any gadget or device. Take advantage of Android and iOS apps to deliver learning on mobile.


Scalability & Reliability

Scale up learning functionality as your business grows. Improve your contribution to accommodate more instructors and learners.

A fully integrated online learning management system that provides perfect learning delivery

Certainly, learning has changed in the new era and completely transformed the old traditional learning style. It has become more of a personalized online learning without boundaries. Though it is online virtual learning but yet more real and authentic! These days’ learners demand for more holistic learning experience – one that is available at their ease, preserve quality, provides more exposure, offers suitability, and convenience.

Captivating the online communal learning could be the gamble. But, taking up the best learning management system will help mechanize a big part of your corporate learning stratagem. Ideally, an online learning management system has got to be like that:

  • Allows you to start learning promptly

  • Support all types of eLearning format

  • Track and monitor learner’s performance from one place

  • Easy-to-use and implement

  • Fit into budget, and cost-effective even for years to come

BlezGo’s intuitive LMS fulfills the entire above mentioned criterion, allowing you to deliver a flawless online virtual learning experience to your users across geography. It is a completely integrated, multi-device and scalable best learning management system to deliver learning anytime, anywhere to as many learners you want.

Take your online virtual learning functionality with your existing infrastructure

BlezGo is the best Learning Management System that inherently allows you to deliver, handle and manage online virtual learning in-one-go. Whether you would opt self-paced course or instructor-led live training, its user-friendly and most advanced features makes it the powerful virtual Learning Management System. Undoubtedly, delivering online learning takes too much other than just creating engaging online virtual learning courses. In a nutshell, the technology and tools used to deliver learning is core hub to the success of an online Learning Management System.

complete integration

Complete LMS Integration

We provide complete integration to our users that are cost-effective, responsive, and built on experience. Our online Learning Management System is a strong customization solution that we firmly integrate on your website. We tend to provide end-to-end eLearning and top-most educational solutions.

great user engagement

Online User Engagement Activities

BlezGo considered being the uppermost virtual Learning Management System as the application has so much to offer which makes users to stay for long on the site. Hence, it keeps users occupied managing and accessing their account that results in a good amount of user engagement on the website.

extra reserves

Create extra reserves without any cost

An online Learning Management System BlezGo’ provides you great ROI by cut down chronic expenditure of every time content creation. Now record live talks of industry experts along with play button and upload them as additional resources letting learners to access them whenever they want to.

complete integration


Unrestrictedly upload recorded training or compliance courses with bottom-line assessment. This saves your time and cut down extra expenditure that is being consumed in delivering recurring training. Henceforth, as an advantage, you can anytime view, pause, playback and learn through the class recordings if you ever miss the session.

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